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As a brand, Zucchetti are focused on design, innovation and quality above all else. Their idiom is one of beauty and real experiences of aesthetic delight in the design of bathrooms, whereby they have designed highly innovative and intriguing products across the bathroom industry.

They are of course a  typical company who are super high on design and quality of the product but maddeningly frustrating to deal with at time.

Zucchetti taps and shower valves like many European manufacturers come in 2 separate parts.

The built in part that goes in the wall and then there is the pretty bit on the outside that you can see,

The good news is that the built in parts which the plumbers need first are often available from stock in the UK>

They also provide a number of different ranges, including ISY Fresh, ISY Stick, ISY Arc, Wosh, Bellagio, Aguablu, Savoir, Agora, Faraway, Soft, Jingle, Pan +, Pan Style, Simply Beautiful, Wind, Sun, Closer, Shower Plus, Basin Taps & Mixers, Kitchen Taps & Mixers, Bath Taps & Mixers, Shower Valves, Shower Heads/Handsets/Hoses, and Accessories.

Combining highly eclectic approaches to the design and functionality of bathrooms with a real dedication to beauty and the well-being of anyone who is present in bathrooms they have designed, Zucchetti’s manner of crafting new bathroom products and thus creating new experiences for their clients is what makes them unique. If you are looking for a truly unusual bathroom with standout designs of unparalleled quality and aesthetic value, this is the brand for you.

Why are Bathrooms At Source the best company for you to buy Zucchetti Taps from?

As a business, we never compromise on quality of service – it is essential and fundamental to us. This is why we offer some of the best prices available along with a real dedication to all our customers’ well being.

We’ve been working in the industry for nearly twenty years, and our staff have over 100 yers expirience in the bathroom industry.  This has given us a great deal of real, hands-on experience as a bathroom company, so you know that with us, you’ll only ever get the best installations and the best advice available.

Moreover, we don’t compromise on anything. We can give you a full evaluation before any kind of installation is made; we can provide you with top notch advice on every aspect of bathroom design; and all for some of the most competitive prices you’ll find anywhere.


Zucchetti Isy stick taps and shower valves

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