Installation Frame For 2 Bard & Brazier Floating Heated Towel Rails

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Installation Frame for 2 Davroc Floating Heated Towel Rails 

This frame is for a two Davroc rails only


Installation Frame for 2 Davroc Floating Heated Towel Rails

Either a D-Rail, La Fayette or a Zingo Sultan

This frame is for two rails only

This frame has to be fixed to a concealing wall panel of some sort

You then connect the the central heating to this for the water supply

Gap between the rails is 160mm and the gap to the valve from the bottom rail on the La Fayette and Zingo ranges is 180mm

The D-Rail frame does not need any concealed valves (as per the picture),

because each D-Rail has an intergrated valve and can also be turned on and off on the rail itself

If used for a La Fayette or Zingo Sultan Rail then you need to use 2 of either a Panama or a Pullman concealed valve

Which are available to buy below in accessories

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Weight 30 kg
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