Crosswater Exposed Bar Valve Wall Mounting Bracket EV1205WB

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Crosswater Tempo Exposed Valve Wall Mounting Bracket EV1205WB

Exposed valve wall mounting brackets


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Crosswater Tempo Exposed Valve Wall Mounting Bracket EV1205WB

A Pair of Exposed valve wall mounting brackets for bar shower valves ONLY

These brackets have a compression fitting on the back of them,

so you can run your pipe work straight in the wall and out of these

and attach your crosswater bar valve to them.

The brackets do not come as part of a plate.


Average delivery time is 2 – 3 working days


 Crosswater are a British bathroom Manufacturer based in Dartford London.

Together with Crosswaterand Simpsons they are part of one of the largest bathroom brands here in the Uk.

With many innovotive designer taps and shower ranges with notable designer collaborations such as Kelly Hoppen,

who has designed her own range of taps and shower valves in the collection that have a uniqye style which makes them stand out from the crowd.

We are not sure if the collective word for a group of taps is a crowd (well if it is not then we have just invented it) but her bathroom brassware ranges do stand out for sure.

The company hub at Dartford contains the warehouse, design team, sales and customer services team all under one roof and is open 24 hours a day.

Inside the bemouth warehouse there are over 5,000 stock lines and it is simply huge. A lot of the order picking is done at night for next day delivery to the shops.

We were very impressed when we visited as the staff can have lunch overlooking a lake (we have Garratt Lane in Wandsworth SW18).

Crosswater taps and showers are made from high quality brass and plated in Polished Chrome.

They come with a 15 year guarantee for everything but the cartridges which come with a 5 year guarantee.

The exposed range is on of their finest

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