Bard & Brazier D-Rail Two Floating Heated Towel Rails


Bard & Brazier D-Rail Two Floating Heated Towel Rails Chrome

This is a set of 2 rails that runs off your central heating system

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Bard and Brazier D-Rail Two Floating Heated Towel Rail 

Handmade by Bard & Brazier in Great Britain

Width = 565mm (pipe centres are 540mm)

BTU per rail is approx 110

This is a set of two rails that run off your central heating system


MUST BE used with it`s own installation frame (available to buy below)

This is what the Bard and Brazier head engineer said about the depth this installation frame needs to be fitted at:

“The copper pipe connections must protrude 27mm – 28mm from the finished wall surface.

Therefore the maximum wall cavity depth is 151mm. If they have a shallower wall cavity,

they need to trim the copper pipes after they have applied the finished wall surface to said 27 – 28mm dimension (installation instruction)”


Can come in runs of up to 5 rails in a row (there are different installation kits for each combination of rails)

See related products below for the different combinations

What these systems give you is the option of having the amount of floating rails that suit your design and heating needs

Each rail`s BTU = 110

The D-Rails do not need any radiator valves as they have inline valves (which do the same job as rad valves) fitted as standard

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Installation Frame

Installation Frame Required, No Installation Frame Required